RootBooch Flavor The Kombucha Company

RootBoochFlavor The Kombucha Company
RootBooch Flavor The Kombucha Company


Indulgently Rich


organic kombucha
 purified rainwater
evaporated cane juice(organic and fair trade) 
yerba mate (organic and fair trade) 
black tea (organic and fair trade) 
sarsaparilla concentrate 


    The Kombucha Company RootBooch Kombucha is a refreshing, probiotic-rich beverage made with organic, fair-trade ingredients. Our kombucha is lightly fermented and each bottle of our RootBooch Kombucha contains 16 fl. oz. of kombucha with two servings per bottle and 60 calories per serving. The Kombucha Company RootBooch root beer flavor is indulgently rich and is loaded with live and active cultures that promote a healthy gut while providing a bold, smooth, delicious taste.