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The Kombucha Company Original Loose Leaf Kombucha Tea Blend |3 Reusable Cotton Tea Bags | Brews 10 Gallons | Yerba Mate and English Breakfast Black Tea Loose Leaf Blend

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Fresh blend of organic english breakfast black tea and organic yerba mate.This tea blend includes ten compostable tea bags for brewing and will brew a robust ten gallons of tea for your kombucha brewing starter kit. This is the exact blend we use at the kombucha company to brew all our kombucha, its tried and tested. Guaranteed to product a new scoby and great tasting kombucha.

A little more about our teas, english breakfast black tea originates from Assam, Kenya , and Celon. Black tea is more oxidized than other teas such as oolong, green, and white teas making it a strong and robust tea for brewing Kombucha. Yerba Mate is a South American herb traditionally grown and harvest in Argentina and surrounding countries.



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