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The Kombucha Company Starter Tea | 16 oz Bottle | Live Cultures for Brewing 1 Gallon of Homemade Kombucha Tea | No Scoby | Bottled Kombucha Starter Tea Only

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Kombucha Starter Tea

Kombucha starter tea, what is it exactly? Well it is Kombucha, the only thing different is the age of the Kombucha. Kombucha starter tea is a fancy name for aged,older, or mature Kombucha. Wondering how this is better? The short answer is, older Kombucha has more vinegar/acetic acids resulting in Kombucha with a lower ph value. Starting with a low ph is a must for Kombucha brewing

Kombucha Starter Tea = Scoby

Have you ever tasted Kombucha that taste to much like vinegar, it is most likely old. Many people think the Kombucha has spoiled or went bad at this point but in fact it has only aged and matured to become a great starter tea. When starting your Kombucha brew it should be under 4.0 ph but definitely not over 4.5 ph. To achieve this you will need kombucha starter tea. If you only use a Scoby the brew will mold, the Scoby alone does not contain enough kombucha starter tea and bacteria to successfully brew a gallon.


A new Kombucha brew needs the kombucha starter tea to lower the ph to help prevent mold. When the ph valve is low it gives the good bacteria the proper environment to thrive and reproduce, resulting is a new healthy symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast (SCOBY) By adding at least 16 ounces of mature Kombucha starter tea per gallon to your home brew you will achieve the same results.



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