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The Kombucha Company Large Kombucha SCOBY |16 Ounce Bottle of Strong Live Kombucha Starter Tea Cultures | Makes 1 Gallon | 2 Cups Mature Starter Tea

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This kit includes one extra large five inch kombucha brewing Scoby, 16 ounce bottle of mature starter tea, and a brew guide. All ingredients used are fair trade and organic. Ingredients include english breakfast black tea, yerba mate, purified texas rain water, sugar, and mature kombucha starter tea.

Give this scoby the proper love it will be the only and last starter you will need. With each new batch of kombucha a new scoby will develop. Save this new scoby and 16 ounces of kombucha to start your next gallon. You can continue this cycle forever! Do you have more questions about brewing? See our frequently asked questions page. 

When your scoby arrives there are a few a thing you can expect. Your scoby packaging may be swollen or seems like it has been filled with air and your starter tea bottles may not sit upright perfectly.  This is from the fermentation process during transit and is actually a good thing. This is an indication the starter is very active. What is happening is carbon dioxide (co2) is being produced from the kombucha fermenting causing the bag to and bottle to expand. 

You can expect each scoby to have a slight vinegar smell. Each scoby and starter tea will product one gallon of probiotic rich kombucha.

Helpful brewing tips: 

For a successful brew use 16 ounces minimum of starter tea per gallon. For optimal conditions, keep your brewing vessel/ fermentation crock out of direct sunlight and store around 78 degrees if possible. Many articles on the internet say you can use cheese cloth as your top cover. Let me warn you, do not do this.  If you use cheese cloth fruit flies will be able to squeese threw the cloth and find their way into your kombucha. Instead use 100% cotton cloth cover, coffee filter, or a tightly woven breathable cloth.  It is very important Kombucha has access to air while it ferments. Your brewing vessel needs a wide top opening. If your hand can fit inside your jar with ease it should work well for fermenting Kombucha




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