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Gas Manifold, CO2 Manifold
Gas Manifold, CO2 Manifold

Gas Manifold, CO2 Manifold

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  • Professional-quality, 2-way CO2 splitter for beer kegs/lines; used for maintaining carbonation and pressure for the dispensing of draft beer from keg to faucet; aluminum body; this manifold is the same product sold to breweries and commercial businesses
  • Individual shut off; no check valves as check valve is already built into the beer coupler; by not having the check valves, this eliminates check valve failure; gas manifolds with check valves are designed for soda systems - beer systems have a built-in check in the beer coupler which eliminates the need for the gas manifold check valve; if a check valve gas manifold is used, it is typically the major cause for beer system failure
  • 5/16" barbed inlet and 5/16" barbed outlets
  • Leak-checked and cleaned at manufacturer to ensure leak-free service and no oil residues
  • Hose nipple and plug interchangeable for right or left service